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Our strength is in the marketing of luxury farmhouses, luxury villas, fine apartments in historic centres, castles, hamlets in the Tuscany region in the country and in the see.

Here Hare The strategy for sale the property :

 In the property inspection, we will take to explain to the customer very clearly the entire process of purchasing a property and placing it in the various advertising channels that the group offer. This first step is important to understand how many strategy of communication the Agency can offer its clients. 

Our goal is to provide the best service for our clientele. For each property we will carry out a valuation report  and propose the best plan and advice for marketing your property.
The valuation will be based on the property markets at the time. This valuation will dictate the real market value of the property.
Is essential that the owner It must provide documentary urbanism included the on planimetry of the house and the land and the contract of purchase of the property 'to outline the profile of the property and to resolve any issues that might affect the success of the sale.
These checks are based, primarily, on planning permissions etc., relevant certificates and property tax matters. It will also be necessary for a report to be drawn up by a technical adviser containing the following information:
A Technical report carried out by a registered professional confirming the compliance of urban planning matters, property registration matters and the conformity of all electrical, plumbing and heating installations including the following details:
-Date of property construction including a list of all relevant planning consents, complete with accurate floor plans.
-Copy of all property registration documentation ( D.L.31.5.2010 n.78)
-Certificate of habitation “abitabilità/agibilità”
-European Energy Classification Certificate
-Copy of the following Certificates or reason for non possession:
    • Compliance certificate for electrical installation
    • Compliance Certificate for plumbing and heating installations.
    • Boiler maintenance booklet
    • Compliance Certificate for connection to mains sewerage
-Property search document, copy of Title and any relevant legal or financial charges or liens etc.

The sharing of the sale strategy with the owner it is very important for to sell the property, during the time of the sale the owner will be 'informed with a report such as the number of visitors to its property and any feedback received.
Another very important question for us is the preparation of the appointment, we will give good advice to customers on how vendors are to prepare their home x an appointment and also keep on whose behavior during the visit, in order to create customer buyers a relaxed and trust. to make the most of this opportunity


The agency operates primarily with exclusive contracts or to accept non-exclusive contracts.
The exclusive contract stipulates that the Sintesi Real Estate Agency has the responsibility only for the property sale. This allows both the owner and the agency to better organize the process of marketing and the selling of the property.
In case of the non-exclusive contract the seller to be free to make private negotiations or to entrust the property sale to other real estate agents or directly with the customer buyer
With this non-exclusive contract, the owner is required to update the agency about any ongoing negotiations. Our agency does not work on verbal contracts.
The percentages applied by the Agency are 2,5% for exclusive contracts and 3% for non-exclusive contracts. 

For our company profile we dissociate ourselves from any action in fraud to the law while not sharing at all some of them, for this very first interview lets get this point with our customers sellers stating that any action against the law will be 'we reported to the competent authorities'.

the acquisition of the above documentation allows us to assess precisely that there are no defects or problems of any kind, we ask our customers the maximum transparency during the sale


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