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we guarantee our foreign clients the assistance of a mother tongue translator who will be present both during the negotiation and during the signing of the contracts by the notary, the expense shall be borne by the buyer


The Sintesi Immobiliare real Estate offers to buyers , very long experience in the real estate market of country house in tuscany, efficiency, attention to detail, professionalism and availability to understand the requirements of customers - and we assist a buyers step by step

During negotiations i offer buyers my 35 years experience in order to enable buyers to purchase in a peaceful and relax way avoiding risks. This type of service allows clients to purchase in safe way knowing that their property is free from any potential problems.
Before starting the activity of Research, it is very important to us to build with the buyers a relationship of mutual trust in order to better understand some essential elements such as the available budget and the choice of the area where to look for the property
Any property acquired by Sintesi Immobiliare real Estate, is in line with the correct price real estate market, otherwise we dont buy it for sale, is then given the most accurate.
All assessements are made in accured way after and the sale price comply with the market value.

You should consult a professional team of legal and fiscal tax consultants who speak English perfectly with whom I have been working for many years. Our professional team will guide the buyers through their specific financial situations.


For every property our technicians expert team are verified for accuracy is mortgage registrations and cadastral planimetry in order to make sure in advance there are no problems for the final contract.
Is the client is interested in buiyng during the second visit to the property we offer free support, for a first assessment of the works and the improvements that could be made to the property.
The dedicated consultant provides all the necessary elements to help the client define the terms and conditions of an offer to purchase.

If the property needs to be restructured we offer the buyer detailed estimate for restructuring, the estimate is carefully analyzed by our team expert and compared with others similar properties that are already on the real estate market , if they are to be restored prompted merchants with a detailed estimate x restructuring and a rendering x enhance the quality ' best , the price is determined by us strictly market otherwise we prefer not to take the purchase contract

For each property we provide the buyer a sheet containing all features of the property and including informations regarding the purchase and post sale management .
All this is done in order to enable buyers to evaluate clearly and transparently each property before making the bilingual offer to purchase.
To avoid problems during negotiations, checks are carried out for appropriate planning, mortgage, etc. all these factors help certify the marketability of the property.

We have an agreement with a service company ( transfer utilities, administrative and town planning , Italian language courses , selection of a qualified technician, and building contractor x obtain permissions in order to carry out any renovations , ect ect )

Italy state require its taxpayers a quantity' of taxes unlikely and a host of absurd red tape and often illegal in any other state.
 The real estate market is no exception unfortunately in this situation and in fact it 'severely penalized:
 in addition to fragmentation 'offer proposed by a myriad of agencies with no connection between them often the same property is found on the web with different descriptions and prices, idem also applies xi compensation agencies, agents often have not visited properties promoted sale, give wrong information and unclear, do not speak it 'write English, the process x planning permissions are long and no certainties.
Especially foreign buyers generally prefer to rely on a single agent in particular with those who can fully understand all their needs would not otherwise being prepared to deal with complex situations so frightened and perhaps deciding to buy in another country in southern Europe where large the agents eg speaks English (as in France), and the rules are simple and clear, indeed, some states such as Spain eg give tax incentives to foreign investors

The procedure for the clients who intend to work with various agencies is similar, but they obviously will not benefit from all the services offered to the clients who will give us the exclusive assignment

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